6 days running / trekking

Race Area


Stage 1 - August 11th


Stage 1

23,55 km - Height gain 286 m

Dunes Elsen Tasarkhai

The great adventure will begin in the Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes (Bayangobi desert) that extend about 80 km long 5 km wide. We will enjoy of a small sequence of real desert in the midst of green steppes, running or walking in Elsen Tasarkhai (literally means "a piece of sand isolated"). Some wooden buildings will catch our attention... they are shepherds’ huts. Moose, wolves, deer and foxes will mark our steps although the different species of camels will control our walk. The little Gobi will not leave us indifferent.

Stage 2 - August 12th

Stage 2

33,20 km - Height gain 91 m

Lake Ugii - Orkhon Valley

The stage begins on the shores of Lake Ugii, famous for being an important breeding area for waterfowl; about 150 types of birds meet annually in its waters. We will enjoy the views bordering the great blue lake, we will leave the old Orkhon river on our left, we will cross the Orkhon river bridge to enter the valley of the Orkhon river. A lot of free animals will move at our pace... the horses, the sheep, the camels and the goats will make us forget the big cormorants. Finally, the small and colorful town of Ugii will welcome us with open arms.


Stage 3 - August 13th


Stage 3

27,15 km - Height gain 611 m

Tsetserleg - Hot spring water Tsenkher

With the memory of the Galdan Zuu temple with its 7 meter buddha and the Zayiin Khuree Khiid museum we started the third stage following the Tamir river and leaving the city of Tsetserleg on the right. We cross the river by a long wooden bridge also used by yaks to then enter the first wooded areas where you can see ancient trees of great beauty. In the valleys we cross again with hundreds of animals... jaks, horses, sheep... vultures and eagles stalking their possible prey. After several hills we reach the Tsenkheriin valley where we find the camp with natural hot springs.

Stage 4 - August 14th

Stage 4

36,68 km - Height gain 933 m

Hot spring water Tsenkher - Barbecue nomadic

Open forests, soft valleys and small highlands. We will feel retreat in time; a few nomadic families will salurn us as we pass by... "Сайн байна уу ". Trails and tracks will lead us to cross multiple rivers... some small and others not so much. We will feel the cool on our knees while the yaks wonder what we do out there. Later we will pass through the Espejo lake... do not forget to take a look at your hairstyle! Watch the zigzagging rivers from a hill. MAKE A STOP and lose a minute among the fauna. To finish... nothing better than a great barbecue to lower the pulsations.


Stage 5 - August 15th


Stage 5

39,51 km - Height gain 1443 m

Nomadic winter season - Karakorum

In the queen stage it is time to enjoy the mountains and the breathtaking views that accompany our walk. We will spot big eagles throughout the tour. We will pass through a small lost town where a large number of children live. When you do not have the strength, stop to observe one of the multiple Ovoos (they serve as places of worship, to honor the mountains and the sky, they are made of wood or rocks). We will return to the valley of the Orkhon River, a new gift for our senses. Finally, from the top we will see the colorful city of Karakorum on multiple occasions.

Stage 6 - August 16th

Stage 6

13,85 km - Height gain 237 m

Karakorum - Karakorum

Just meters from the exit, an immense abandoned boat will surprise us. From the monument to the Heroes we can see the roofs of Karakorum, the winding river Orkhon and dozens of street vendors waiting for us... CARRY MONEY. We will skirt the city passing through emblematic sites: the Turtle monument, the penis rock, the archaeological site "great hall", among others. As it could not be otherwise, the "Mongolia Stage Race" will end at the emblematic 16th century Buddhist monastery Erdene Zuu, considered by many the most important monastery in Mongolia. We will know the same and we will visit Kharkhorin (Хархорин), the ancient capital in the 13th century known as Karakorum.



Stages km Ascent Descent
Stage 1 23.55 286 353
Stage 2 33.20 91 86
Stage 3 27.15 611 504
Stage 4 36.68 933 928
Stage 5 39.51 1,443 1,647
Stage 6 13.85 237 222
173.94 3,601 3,740

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